Welcome at our Company

ST Solutions, started in 2008 with the goal of building great Web Applications for our clients. We leveraged our programming knowledge along with our understanding of business to help customers develop world class web applications. Since the introduction of ST Solutions our company has developed Web Apps that have generated over $16 million USD in revenues and 6.5 million users.

Our developers are young, talented and passionate about achieving success for our clients. We only hire the most talented developers to join our team, which consist of Zend Certified Engineers, high skilled a highly skilled Quality Assurance team.

Our client lists consist of startups that have entrusted us with their life savings and established companies looking for a competitive advantage. Our team of developers takes your security seriously, we take great pride in the fact that non of web apps have ever been hacked, even though we generated over 6.5 million users to our web apps.

Our specialization

Ruby on Rails
Zend Framework
Amazon EC2

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow

Tarique Tuku


Nushan Ashfaque


Ashraful Islam Nixon


Atiqur Rahman

Head of Business Development

Shahadat Hossain

Manager, HR & Devices

Md. Rubayet Hossain


Md. Kouser Alam Naim

Marketing Evangelist

Why Choose Us?

Simply because we’re great at what we do, we provide extraordinary work at competitive fees. We have been developing web apps for clients for over a decade. We know what it takes to make great web apps, our web apps which have generated over 16 million in revenue and over six million visitors.

We’re not like other companies who only offer 30 day free bug fixes after your project is complete, where you’re out of luck if you find a bug after 30 days. We are fully committed to your success, we offer our clients free lifetime bug fixes, it doesn’t matter if you find a bug in our software a year after your project is complete we’ll fix it for you.

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    We are dedicated to help start ups succeed

  • 🏆

    We have a proven record with over six million website visitors to our products

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    We take great pride in security, and none of products have been hacked to date

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    As a company we are always implementing new concepts, and as a result 40% of our profits goes back into research and development

  • We understand the concepts and implementations needed to help your startup start succeed with growth hacking strategies

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    We provide high quality assurance testing on all our products

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